Senator Visits Equipment Technologies, Learns About Precision Technology in Sprayers

MOORESVILLE, Indiana, September 3, 2015– U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., visited Equipment Technologies today, where he learned about precision agriculture technology and worked alongside employees who assembly the company’s Apache-brand self-propelled sprayers.

“I saw a lot of Hoosier common sense and a lot of Hoosier hard work today,” the senator said.

Donnelly visited Equipment Technologies as part of “Donnelly Days,” an ongoing series of events where the senator works alongside Hoosiers in a variety of jobs and professions in communities across Indiana to gain a greater understanding of the issues most important to Hoosier workers. This year the senator has placed a priority on visiting an agriculture manufacturing business.

During his visit the senator operated a 2016 Apache AS1030 sprayer on cropland behind the Equipment Technologies headquarters building and joined the assembly line at the Apache manufacturing plant. He spent time in ET’s precision training lab, where he learned about precision mapping and accuracy, and how to draw an A-B line on a precision control system. A-B lines are what growers follow to guide the sprayers through fields.

Donnelly also talked with ET employees, who explained the cost savings, crop yield and spray drift reduction benefits of precision technology.


Donnelly already was familiar with Apache Sprayers, having recently met a farmer near Corydon who owns an Apache. The farmer had experienced significant cost savings and shared that with the senator.

PHOTO CAPTION:U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., torques a lug nut on an Apache Sprayer at the Equipment Technologies Mooresville, Ind., assembly plant, as Adam Kivett, the company’s director of manufacturing, looks on.

About Equipment Technologies

ET Works is a manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers. Headquartered in Mooresville, Indiana, ET creates Apache Sprayers and Bruin Sprayers for distribution throughout the United States, Canada,Australiaand C.I.S. Learn more about Apache Sprayers at and Bruin Sprayers at

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