Improved Efficiency, Productivity Features Highlight 2019 Apache Sprayers

MOORESApache Sprayers MY19VILLE, Indiana (August 20, 2018)– Efficiency, durability, precision and productivity have never been more important for agricultural sprayer owners and operators. With the unveiling of the2019 model year lineup, Apache Sprayers do even more to meet these critical and growing needs for farmers and custom applicators.

2019年的Apache Sprayers基于最近的创新,提供了更多的性能和价值,这是生产者所期待的。2019年的产品阵容采用了新的组件,提高了机器的耐用性、寿命、操作的便利性和舒适度,同时保持喷雾器比竞争对手的喷雾器轻33%。这意味着新的Apache喷雾器及其操作人员将能够在油田中工作更长时间、更智能、更高效。

Equipment Technologies首席执行官Matt Hays表示:“我们的客户需要操作简单、高效、耐用的喷雾器,他们可以依靠它来提供高投资回报。”“2019车型年的新功能满足了这些需求,而且Apache sprayer将继续成为喷雾器所有者和运营商持续创新和成本效率的黄金标准。自我完善是我们公司的重要组成部分,我们继续努力工作,以满足客户不断变化的需求。我认为我们的2019年模式反映了这些共同的价值观。”

The improvements offered in the 2019 model year of Apache Sprayers start on the outside and pack a punch on the inside:

  • Hood Design:A new one-piece hood design with bold decals distinguish Apache Sprayers from other machines in the field and signify the power found under that hood. The one-piece design also makes the new hood more durable even in rough field conditions.
  • Load-distributing Frame Structure: An added cross member under the product tank improves load distribution and balance.
  • Robust Adjustable Axle: Add flexibility through higher capacity and splined kingpins with the optional adjustable axle. New Apache Sprayers are available with the new adjustable axle or a standard fixed axle.
  • Raven Advanced RS1™ Steering System:The 2019 lineup of Apache Sprayers includes upgraded, cutting-edge precision technology like the Raven Advanced RS1TMSteering System, the most accurate high-speed steering system in the sprayer industry. On top of next-level steering accuracy, the RS1 system adds features like advanced steering electronics and the Viper 4+ advanced field computer for product application and boom control.
  • Raven Slingshot® In-Cab Remote Support:Downtime can mean the difference between profit and loss when it comes to a spraying application. With the new Raven Slingshot®in-cab remote support, Apache Sprayer operators now have a new tool to keep any downtime to a minimum. With an unprecedented two-year subscription included in each new sprayer, Slingshot provides remote troubleshooting, software updates and operator assistant functions, including access to the machine and precision data for faster troubleshooting, over-the-air updates, remote desktop service help, data logging, machine diagnostics, data analytics and more. With Raven Slingshot, the operator has a new level of control and support to maximize the efficiency of every spraying operation.
  • Positive-position Joystick:Inside the cab, the 2019 Apache Sprayers feature an all-new positive-position joystick that has been custom-engineered to specifically fit the new machines. The joystick provides a new level of control via a versatile, durable dual-axis configuration with ergonomic features like a silicon pad and replaceable components that make it both comfortable and functional in the long term.
  • Bluetooth®Capabilities:Bluetooth®capabilities in the cab, including a Bluetooth-ready Jensen®audio system with hand-free calling and Sirius XM®satellite radio, add convenience for the operator working long hours in the field.

“Taken together, the innovations in the 2019 model year of Apache Sprayers will help operators work better, smarter, longer and more efficiently,” Hays said. “Yet, with so many improvements, we still deliver industry-leading value in Apache Sprayers. We feel our combination of innovation and value is unique to the sprayer industry.”

About Apache Sprayers
Apache Sprayers builds simple, dependable, lightweight and affordable self-propelled sprayers for the everyday farmer. Every sprayer is manufactured in Mooresville, Indiana, by the Apache Sprayers parent company, Equipment Technologies. The Apache brand was honored with theEquipmentWatch™ Highest Retained Value Award™ in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for the 1000 series Apache Sprayer. Sprayers are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, AustraliaandC.I.S. Learn more about Apache Sprayers

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