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  • How To Perform Crop Sprayer Maintenance For Spring
    Right now, the ground is frozen, but soon spring will begin to thaw everything out, and it’ll be time to get back in the field. Owners love taking their crop sprayer out of hibernation and starting it up for the first time. However, we always recommend conducting a full […]
    The NEW 2022 Apache lineup is here. Farmers already know that each year our sprayers are the most reliable and efficient on the market. This year is no exception with exciting new models and enhancements. We’re always striving to create the best value sprayers to get the job done. Rest assured, […]
  • 世界杯2022赛程时间表最新
    MOORESVILLE, Indiana (7/30/21) – Equipment Technologies (ET), manufacturer of Apache Sprayers, celebrated top dealerships and high-achieving sales teams at its annual dealer meeting July 20-22, 2021 held at company headquarters in Mooresville, Indiana. Company leaders recognized top sales and service excellence for 2021, top dealers and top performers. To commemorate Apache […]
  • Apache Sprayers Celebrates 25 Years
    Power, performance, and value–that is what you can expect when you spray with Apache. This year we’re proud to celebrate 25 years of providing premium performance and unbeatable value to our customers. From our leading 5-year warranty to being the only 4-time winner of the “Highest Retained Value” award […]
  • Northern Trailer and Truck Alberta Joins Apache Dealer Network
    MOORESVILLE, Indiana, {3/10/2021} —Equipment Technologies (ET) is pleased to announce our newest Apache Sprayers dealer, Northern Trailer and Truck located in Alberta, Canada. As an Authorized Apache Dealer, Northern Trailer and Truck will provide full service and parts for the Apache Sprayer lineup with plans to expand to sales […]
  • 3 Reasons Apache Sprayers are Better
    When it comes to investing in a farm sprayer there are a lot of facts to consider. You work hard for your money and you want to make sure you’re getting the most value and maximum productivity from your farm equipment. That’s why we produce the best, most efficient, […]
  • Dare to Compare: Apache Sprayers Cost Less, Weigh Less & Deliver More
    Not all large capacity sprayers are created equal. In fact, when it comes to investing in a farm sprayer there are a lot of bells-and-whistles to consider. Keep reading to find out why Apache Sprayers consistently beat the competition. Apache Sprayers Weigh Less Heavier sprayers consume more fuel and […]
  • Meet Apache Sprayers New Canadian Regional Director
    Equipment Technologies is pleased to announce the hiring of Jos Bastiaansen as Regional Director for Western Canada — encompassing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Mr. Bastiaansen will be responsible for customer service and business development for Apache Sprayers AS Series and the new Apache HS1100 Hydrostatic. ” Jos […]
  • AS650 Rugged Small Sprayers Built to Go Where Others Won’t
    Because not all fields are flat… Introducing the AS650, the best small self-propelled sprayer in the industry. Rugged and nimble, the AS650 is one tough sprayer built to go where others won’t dare. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what farmers say about Apache. “We crawl on […]
  • Calculate Your Savings With Apache
    We know how important it is to understand the costs associated with purchasing vital equipment for your farm, so we’ve created a tool that allows you to easily determine the lifetime value of owning an Apache Sprayer. Our new, mobile-friendly Total Cost of Ownership calculator allows you to enter […]
  • Increase Performance, Fuel Savings & Lower Operating Cost with Apache Sprayers
    Increasing performance, maximizing fuel savings, and lowering maintenance costs drove Apache Sprayers to install the Cummins Performance Series in new model year 2021 Apache AS850, AS1050, and AS1250/XP sprayers. The Cummins Performance Series engines are equipped with the power and torque required to conquer the roughest field conditions. “Apache […]
  • 2021 Apache Sprayers Includes New Design, Precision Ag and HS1100 Series
    MOORESVILLE, Indiana, July 24, 2020 — Simplicity, agility, and speed to market is the business model behind the new 2021 Apache lineup. And power, performance, and value–is what farmers can expect from our new sprayers year after year. Already the most efficient and reliable self-propelled sprayer on the market, […]
  • Learn How Our Sprayers Virtually Maintain Themselves
    We know that providing a low total cost of ownership and decreasing downtime is critical for operators today. Our Apache Precision packages are included in every model, and utilize Raven Viper 4+, allowing for over the air updates and in-cab support. Perks of our Precision Packages: ConnectivityOver-the-Air UpdatesIn-Cab SupportHigh-speed […]
  • Apache Power to the Ground Technology Delivers
    Horsepower rating is important – but only when it’s powering your sprayer forward. Apache Sprayers mechanical-drive transmission with patented Apache POWER-TO-THE-GROUND™ technology delivers more horsepower where and when you need it most. Horsepower versus Torque Most ag sprayers require more horsepower because of their weight. Not Apache, in fact, […]
  • Apache Sprayers Wins EquipmentWatch 2020 Highest Retained Value Award
    MOORESVILLE, Indiana, {3/04/2020} — On March 2, 2020, EquipmentWatch named Equipment Technologies (ET) as a four-time award winner for Highest Retained Value for the Apache AS Series Sprayer. The EquipmentWatch 2020 Highest Retained Value Awards cover 50 categories of construction, lift/access, and agricultural equipment, and are powered by EquipmentWatch’s […]
  • Get More Boom for Your Buck with Apache Sprayers
    It’s not a secret that time equals money, especially in farming. Unpredictable weather, weeds, and pests are challenging enough. But most growers will tell you that their biggest issue is waiting around on custom applicators to spray their fields. Why wait when you can get more boom for your […]
  • Ag Herbicide Buying Tips: Learn From Past Wins and Losses
    Account for what’s worked and buy smart to sustain ag herbicide efficacy. Every growing season presents its own unique challenges. A weed that hammers a crop one year may not make so much as a minor appearance in the same fields the following year. With such variability in potential […]
  • G&J Ag: Reintroducing Apache Sprayers to Southeast Missouri
    长期的经销商;维修技术人员认为阿帕奇喷雾器非常适合各种农场作业。密苏里州橡树岭附近的许多农民都认识蒂姆·约翰逊和杜安·格林。现在,这些商业伙伴正在把一个熟悉的名字带回到该地区的机械行业。Johnson and Green […]
  • Grauer Repair Service offers Oregon farmers the ‘simplistic elegance’ of Apache Sprayers
    Family-owned Willamette Valley company becomes PNW region’s newest Apache Sprayers dealer. Oregon’s Willamette Valley is world-renowned for Pinot Noir made from its more than 19,000 acres of vineyards in the area stretching from Portland to Eugene. The area is rich in agriculture beyond wine grapes with high volumes of […]
  • Unique Spraying Challenges in 2019
    So, you planted late. Now what? Whether you planted late due to the weather or didn’t get your crops all in the ground at all this spring, you’re likely going to face some unique weed control and spraying challenges as your crops race toward maturation and the highest potential […]
  • Testimonial: The AS640 Makes a Tough Year Easier
    Months of excessive moisture ups the ante for the new AS640. Kenneth Hiser grows corn, soybeans and wheat in the “dead center of Kentucky,” near the small town of Big Clifty. He’s faced a challenge that is common for many farmers in 2019: Excessive moisture starting in early spring […]
  • Herbicide Resistance: 5 Things to Know
    Know your weeds, herbicides for effective control, minimal resistance. Herbicide resistance is costly and difficult to control. Once herbicide-resistant weeds are in your fields, they necessitate major changes in crop management and continued vigilance so they won’t return. Understanding herbicide resistance is a good first step in employing management […]
  • Late to the field? Your herbicide application rates may be affected
    How timing affects herbicide application rates A wet start to crop planting and growing seasons — like the one farmers in many parts of the country have faced this year — has created several herbicide application issues that could lead to weed control challenges later on. Excessive moisture in […]
    The chemical label is your friend — determine the right PPE to spray safe. Anyone accustomed to spraying herbicides knows the job has inherent dangers, especially when working with chemicals with a higher toxicity. Ensuring you’re protected for the job is essential before beginning any spraying task. In many […]
  • Reflecting on a decade of serving farmers
    Patrick Casey talks information, customer service focus He’s had what many in agriculture would consider an unconventional path to his leadership role with one of the fastest-growing sprayer manufacturers in North America. But Patrick Casey, who’s retiring this spring after almost a decade with Equipment Technologies (ET), has found […]
  • Cover crops and no-till: The business case for healthy soil practices
    Owning your own sprayer plays a major role in your no-till and cover crop success Farmer balances soil health, high productivity with these two systems Weed control is an increasing priority for many crop farmers today, especially with rising concerns about herbicide resistance in fields around North America. Just […]
  • Out of Options: 4 Tips on How to Spray a Wet Field
    Originally published 2017 Updated May 2021 It’s been a long winter and that has brought on an extremely wet spring. You’ve waited and waited for your wet field to dry, but it hasn’t. Now weeds are starting to take up residence in your crops. Do you risk soil compaction […]
  • Equipment Technologies 20-Year Spotlight: Jeff Goodman
    From startup to industry leader: 20 years at Equipment Technologies Equipment Technologies was in many ways a startup when Jeff Goodman started with the company in January 1999. In the 20 years since, Goodman has been a big part of evolving the company’s production and manufacturing systems, as well […]
  • Equipment Technologies 20-Year Spotlight: Carl McFarland
    Carl McFarland: Celebrating 20 years of hard work and the right team If you’ve purchased, operated or worked on an Apache Sprayer in the last 20 years, there’s a good chance you’ve inspected some of Carl McFarland’s work. McFarland began working on the assembly line at Equipment Technologies in […]
    Though the major components of a sprayer – product system, rinse loop, agitation and inductor loops – deserve much of the attention during the winterization process, it’s important not to neglect other parts and components that are important to the machine’s operation during the growing season. And, the right […]
    Your Apache Sprayer has worked hard during the growing season to perform a critical role. Now, it’s time to make sure it’s prepared for a winter nap, so when it’s time to spray next season, your machine is ready to go. Winterizing your sprayer is important to keep […]
  • Introducing our new Pacific Northwest Regional Director: Cam Sweeney
    Equipment Technologies Regional Director takes on new role with familiar equipment Cam Sweeney steps into his new role as regional director for Equipment Technologies in the Pacific Northwest with a definite opinion and strong understanding of the machines. And he’s looking forward to applying that passion and knowledge to […]
  • Meet Carlisle Ag Centre – our newest Canadian dealer
    Reliability, hands-on approach make Apache Sprayers a good fit for Manitoba dealer Darrel Carlisle provides equipment, inputs and services that his customers need, so when the opportunity arose to become an Apache Sprayers Dealer for Equipment Technologies, he knew it would be a good fit for his dealership in […]
  • Sprayer Year-End Savings Incentives
    End of Year Savings You Don’t Want to Miss Is a self-propelled sprayer on your farm’s machinery shopping list this year? If that’s the case, a combination of year-end pricing and tax incentives means there’s no better time to buy than right now. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is […]
  • Team Apache 20-Year Spotlight: Tim Stamper
    Tim Stamper: ‘Love What You Do, Do What You Love’ Just about every Apache Sprayer to roll off the assembly line has been influenced by Tim Stamper’s design and manufacturing expertise. It’s been a labor of love in the 20 years he’s been part of the Equipment Technologies (ET) […]
  • Dusty Fields & Filters
    Maximize sprayer productivity with proper filter maintenance They are usually inexpensive and not the first thing you think about when conducting routine maintenance on your Apache Sprayer. But, when you operate in dry, dusty conditions, filters are an especially important element to keeping your sprayer well-maintained. That’s particularly true […]
  • Testing Spray Tip Nozzles for Wear
    Regular testing prevents crop damage from worn sprayer tip nozzles Tip nozzles are among the least expensive components of a modern sprayer, but underestimating their importance and being lax with maintenance can quickly get costly. That makes it critical to test them and ensure they’re functioning properly before beginning […]
  • Calibrating ZF Transmissions
    Calibration keeps your ZF transmission shifting smoothly When Apache Sprayers transitioned to the ZF transmissions for the 2011 sprayer model year, operators had access to a new way to boost fuel economy and performance in the field through features like a locking torque converter. Like any drivetrain component, ZF […]
  • Cabin Filters and Why They Are Important
    Cabin filters do a lot more than keep you comfortable Spraying agriculture chemicals can be a dirty and sometimes dangerous job. That makes it important to have an enclosed sprayer cab with a strong air filtration system, like today’s Apache Sprayers. Simply having a cabin filter system isn’t enough; […]
  • Pulse-Width Modulation Spraying
    Spray smarter, save money with pulse-width modulation Spray drift continues to be a big issue for chemical applicators, and it has led to the rise of digital spraying technology that utilizes pulse-width modulation (PWM). The new sprayer innovation, available on every Apache Sprayer through the Raven HawkeyeTM system, helps […]
  • Strainer Maintenance and Why They Should Be Replaced
    彻底维护过滤器,防止作物受损。在你的田地里喷洒哪怕是微量错误的化学品都是昂贵的。当你疏于检查和维护喷雾器的过滤器时,就有发生这种情况的风险。Get our crop-saving tips on how to properly maintain the strainers […]
  • Driveline Maintenance and Care
    Follow regular driveline maintenance schedules to maximize sprayer performance The key to smooth operation of any machinery is regular maintenance, and Apache Sprayers are no exception. Taking care of routine maintenance on manufacturer-recommended schedules is important to sustaining productive, efficient field operations over the life of your sprayer. Nowhere […]
  • 5 Tips for Buying a Sprayer in a Down Ag Economy
    After facing years of challenging grain markets, general farmer optimism is starting to rebound. As improving sentiment translates into making much-needed machinery purchases – including sprayers – it’s important for potential buyers to stay well-informed about local market conditions and how factors like available inventory and demand influence prices. […]
  • Make Spraying Simple: Why You Should Use Direct Injection
    Direct injection adds application efficiency, convenience The process of direct injection means the primary tank contains only water, and since mixing happens in-line, there is no chemical actually entering the main tank. The result is less chemical waste, faster, more efficient mixing in the field and quicker clean-out after […]
  • How to Rinse Your Ag Sprayer
    Are you getting the most from the chemicals you’re spraying? Part of the answer to that question lies in how well you maintain your sprayer between applications. A properly cleaned and rinsed sprayer system not only helps keep your machine in top operating condition, but also prevent crop […]
  • Farmer Benefits from Well-Timed Spraying Applications with Apache Sprayers
    John Toedte knows well the constraints and challenges that custom applicators face in meeting all customers’ spraying needs, having worked as one before taking on full-time management of his family’s Centralia, Illinois, farm. He’s also well-versed on what makes for efficient, effective applications and that’s what led him to […]
  • Farmer Sought High ROI, Found It with Apache Sprayers
    Time is of the essence for Tony Brown on his Lovington, Illinois, farm. That’s especially true with his spraying applications now that he’s grown his acreage to the point at which custom applications were becoming a larger line item on the cost side of his balance sheet. The combination […]
  • Farmer Finds the Right Spraying Balance with Apache Sprayers
    An increase in acres led Miles Adkins to purchase a self-propelled sprayer when he saw the financial benefit of ownership versus relying on custom applications and his old pull-behind sprayer. The Ullin, Illinois, no-till farmer has a good relationship with his local cooperative that has provided his custom applications, […]
  • Introducing the New Apache Shop Video Series
    The smart, simple design of an Apache Sprayer keeps most daily spray operations extremely easy and efficient. However, our simplicity still doesn’t make every sprayer task, topic and maintenance job a complete cakewalk. It’s especially hard to become a maintenance expert when some tasks only occur once a year! […]
  • Meet Eric Friesen, Apache’s New Canadian Regional Director
    The love of agriculture and farm equipment has never left Eric Friesen since his upbringing on a Saskatchewan family farm. Now, he’s parlaying that love of the farm and iron that enables farmers to get their jobs done into a new position with Equipment Technologies. Friesen is the new […]
  • Ownership, Operating Costs Contribute to Machinery Return on Investment
    投资回报率(ROI)是根据某一特定资产的成本和产出价值来衡量其效率和绩效的一种方法。它是衡量从一件特定的机械到整个农场经营的一切财务表现的重要指标。Especially when […]
  • 5 Tips for Storing & Handling DEF
    Apache Sprayers now operate Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engines, making them perform better while running cleaner and with a much smaller impact on the environment. But, those engines do bring with them a new maintenance issue for operators. Though it’s one with which many will likely already be […]
  • Strainer Screens Changing Colors Per New Global Standard
    They’re small yet essential components of an Apache Sprayer, but a recent mandated change to strainer screen color-coding causing some big headaches for operators looking for the right replacement parts for their machines. But, not to worry: operators can look to their Apache specialists to find clarity on the […]
  • A Man of Many Firsts: Meet Gary Grant
    Being the first to do anything usually sparks a special sense of accomplishment, so it’s no surprise that Ohio Valley Ag Parts Manager, Gary Grant takes pride in the many firsts he’s accrued from his years with Equipment Technologies (ET). “I came to work at Ohio Valley Ag (OVA) […]
  • How to Winterize a Sprayer: Essential Apache Sprayer Guide
    Proper sprayer winterization of the application system helps to prevent damage due to freezing. Please follow this Apache Winterization Guide to protect your sprayer this winter. The spray system may contain as many as five separate plumbing loops, or circuits, that are all related to the application system. Thorough […]
  • Winterization: A Critical Step in Sprayer Maintenance
    What is the biggest mistake to be made in ag sprayer maintenance? Skipping the sprayer winterization process. Besides helping you get a jump start on the busy season, winterizing and storing your Apache Sprayer can prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures, improve longevity and ensure your resale value. “Winterizing […]
  • The Argument for Fall Spraying + Tips for Success
    Most growers are gearing up for fall spraying, but there are a few hold outs who don’t see the point, we’ve got some news for you — fall applications are extremely beneficial. Allow us to tell you why (plus, we’ve got a few tips for you). Control Weeds, Insects […]
    Whether you are top dressing wheat or doing pre-plant herbicide applications, there are a few things to remember when servicing sprayer nozzles and tips. To help our customers solve some of the most prevalent problems in the field, the Apache Sprayer team got together with additional experts within the […]
  • Employee Spotlight: Meet Adam Kivett
    A lot can happen in two decades. While most people change jobs three or more times in 20 years, Director of Manufacturing Adam Kivett has held strong with his dedication and loyalty to ET Works, but if you ask him — he’s just “lucky”. “I think I just kind […]
  • Sprayer Nozzle Selection 101
    Selecting the proper sprayer nozzle type is essential for proper pesticide application. The nozzle is a major factor in: Determining the amount of spray applied Uniform application Coverage reaching its target surface Nozzles break the liquid into droplets, form the spray pattern, and propel the droplets in the proper […]
  • Employee Spotlight: Meet Jeremy Hurt
    Twenty years is a long time, especially in terms of employment with one company. However, for Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application Specialist at ET Works, it seems like just yesterday that he was starting his first role with the company. “It was May 1997, when I first started at ET […]
  • Customer Spotlight: Meet the Brorman Family
    It takes a lot of determination and passion to be a successful farmer in the Texas panhandle, and we’ve found these qualities to be true in the Brorman household. Greg Brorman and his family live in Deaf Smith County where conditions are extreme and neighbors are scarce. The county […]
  • Ask the Specialists: What is Raven Hawkeye™?
    We work continuously to create programs and form partnerships to ensure all Apache sprayer owners have access to the latest precision technology. As a trusted and celebrated brand in the precision farming industry, Raven Applied Technology has created yet another game-changing solution with the invention of the Raven Hawkeye™ […]
  • Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc. Expands with Fifth Apache Dealer Location
    辛普森农场企业公司宣布将在内布拉斯加州格兰德岛开设第五家阿帕奇喷雾器经销店,为周边地区提供服务和销售。新经销商将于2017年春季开业。“Simpson Farm has been representing Apache Sprayers for […]
  • Avoid Spray Drift — 5 Things To Consider
    Avoiding spray drift to ensure a more efficient application is a constant battle — but it’s a battle worth fighting. Controlling spray drift not only saves the environment, but your pocketbook too. After all, those plumes of wasted herbicide bring more problems than increased input costs including government fines […]
  • Speed + Spraying — What Growers Need to Know
    The faster you drive your Apache sprayer, the bigger target area you cover — right? Today’s self-propelled sprayers allow growers to apply agriculture chemicals faster than ever before, but is there a limit? Equipment Technologies Senior Application Specialist, Jeremy Hurt says yes. “Even with the continuous innovations in sprayer […]
  • Apache Sprayers Power Up With Cummins QSB6.7 Engines
    In 2016, Equipment Technologies announced four new models in their Apache 30 Series self-propelled sprayers line. With Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final engines powering all four models, these sprayers boast greater horsepower while consuming less fuel and providing a steadier ride than previous models. “Our 2016 models raise the […]
  • Apache Sprayers Featured on Crain’s
    本文原载于Crains.com。自动驾驶汽车技术,比如特斯拉(Tesla)的半自动自动驾驶(Autopilot)功能,正像科幻小说一样在郊区展开。但在农场里,这种技术就像黑莓一样过时了。For years, farmers ordering tractors […]
  • Apache Knows Best: Why We Choose Lucas Oil
    There are many quality oil brands on the market for use in farm machinery, but at ET Works we recommend Lucas Oil products. Our brand loyalty is founded on proven results. In 2008, we conducted product comparison tests to assess the quality of oils available for use in Apache […]
  • Apache 1000 Series Awarded for Value Retention
    Apache’s 1000 Series sprayers are at the top of the list for retaining their value according to leading industry researcher EquipmentWatch. Each year, the data-tracking website and publication unveils its list of heavy machinery that best retains its value. This year, the Apache 1000 Series claimed the 2016 Highest […]
  • Time is Running Out to Stack Special 2016 Tax Savings with a New Apache Sprayer
    Maybe you’ve been considering reducing some of your application costs in 2017 by adding a new Apache sprayer. If so, it might be smart to make your purchase before the end of the year. Why? Because you can take advantage of Section 179 tax deductions that make the purchase […]
  • Southern Application Management One of ET Works’ Most Successful Dealerships
    North America is dominated by John Deere, Case IH and Ag Co dealerships who usually represent only one brand of sprayer. As a result, Apache must develop other methods for distributing its sprayers. Many of our 40 dealers are retailers who specialize in providing application products and services and […]
  • Meet Jim Bates, ET Works’ First Employee
    We are proud to introduce you to ET Works employee #1, Jim Bates. That’s right, Jim was the first employee of ET at its start in 1996. Jim came to ET from a large Midwestern farmer cooperative where he was in charge of all sales and witnessed the increasing […]
  • Winter Sprayer Preparation Allows Farmers to ‘Spring’ Into Action
    It might not seem like it as much of North America braces for the cold temperatures, snow and ice that comes with winter, but spring is coming. And with it, the start of crop season. Senior application specialist at Equipment Technologies, Jeremy Hurt, advises farmers with self-propelled sprayers to inspect and […]



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