The Simplicity Of Mechanical Drive

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Ask our customers why they run with Apache and most times you’ll get a one-word answer: simplicity. Apache Sprayers are decidedly simple. Simple to run. Simple to adjust. Simple to maintain. That’s what makes owning an Apache the superior choice for the field.

Maintenance.Hydrostatic sprayers require more (and more complicated) parts, making them more difficult to maintain and service.

Parts.Apache Sprayers, in general, have less expensive parts compared to hydrostatic machines. All sprayers are designed with common components across multiple models. That means Apache owners don’t pay for us to manufacture, warehouse and ship lots of different parts for various sprayer models.

Weight.Apache Sprayers with mechanical drive are 15-40 percent lighter than hydrostatic sprayers of comparable tank size, in addition to less weight than a tractor with a pull-type sprayer behind it. That means significantly better fuel efficiency and less compaction.

Traction.With 70 percent of the weight on the rear drive axle, lock-up torque converter and limited slip differential, both rear wheels stay in contact with the ground and turn regardless of field conditions.

Tank Refills.The Apache Sprayer’s fill station is in one location, and close to the cab entry, allowing you to fill both the product tank and standard 100-gallon rinse tank in minutes.

Wet System.To keep the nozzle tips from becoming blocked, each boom section has a 1-inch strainer and a 2-inch full-port Banjo®main product strainer.


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